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Purple Pinkie - Helping to rid the world of Polio


Purple Pinkie fund soars to over £52,500 in District 1240
Overall Rotary is well on the way to meeting the $200million challenge
Polio is a crippling and potentially fatal disease. Fortunately, although incurable, Polio is easy to prevent. A child can be vaccinated for just 50p, protecting the child against this terrible disease for life.

Through one of the world’s biggest immunisation programmes, Polio has been 99 per cent eradicated – so this is one last push to destroy the disease for good.

Why is it called Purple Pinkie? When a child is vaccinated, they have a purple stamp put on their little finger. So each Purple Pinkie brings us closer to making Polio history.

By supporting the Purple Pinkie campaign, you can help make the pain and life-limiting effects of Polio a thing of the past.

For information on how you can become a member of Rotary
e-mail: info@purplepinkie.com or click here for a contact form

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