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Name The Bear - and his name is .... URSUS

Hooray, my name is Ursus







   I Want a Name and a Home!

I was introduced to Chelmsford Rotarians at last year’s Baddow Races.  They have agreed to help me get a name and find a home and in return I have agreed to help them raise money for their END POLIO NOW campaign. For a donation of £1 you can suggest a name and if your name is chosen then I will come and live with you. I have had a very busy couple of weeks and this week promises to be even busier.  I am very excited as Saturday is the day when I will be meeting people in Chelmsford Town Centre and then the Mayor of Chelmsford will announce my name and my new home at 4 pm in High Chelmer Shopping Centre.


No Name Bear’s February Update.
February is turning out to be really exciting!  I have changed home – I am off to meet Rotarians at the Chelmsford Club.  On the way I was surprised to meet another furry animal though not a bear.  It turned out to be friendly but very curious.  Then I travelled by car to the Marconi Athletic and Social Club – that was all very new to me,  and then I met more Rotarians and tried to understand what they are planning for the end of the month.  The bit I did understand is that I am going on different visits in February leading up to finding a home at the end of the month.


Happy New Year to everyone!  I hope that Christmas was as exciting for you as it was for me. 


I had a shock when I woke up last week.  I had been dreaming about my old home in the land of long winters and had been imagining that I was curled up in a warm den with my family while a blizzard raged outside, then the next moment I opened my eyes, looked around and discovered all these snowflakes racing by my bedroom window!  What had happened?  Had I been transported back in time?   In a panic I called out, “Help!”  A reassuring face peered round the bedroom door and laughed when I explained my panic.  No, I was not in the Far North and everyone in Chelmsford was as just as surprised as I was to wake up to snow.  It was the most snow Chelmsford had seen for about thirty years!  “Poof! This is nothing,” I said. “You should see the snow where I come from.”


It was not an opportunity to miss and after a warming breakfast of porridge and honey I dashed outside.  Of course I had to be patient while the Rotarians put on all these layers of clothing - not like a bear whose fur is just perfect for a cold climate!


What fun I had!  So much snow!  Just look at the pictures that were taken.


Then I was sad as all this fun made me realise that I was no closer to finding my name or a new home.


I needn’t have worried.  My Rotarian friends from Chelmsford are being so kind to me and told me of their plans to help me.

In February they are going to have a Purple Pinkie, Thanks for Life Week and I am going to be their star attraction!  They are going to take me to Rotary meetings, schools and lots of other exciting places and are going to ask people to donate £1 to help their fund for the worldwide eradication of the dreadful disease called Polio.  In return for the donation everyone will have the chance to guess my name.  Then in the afternoon of Saturday 27th February in High Chelmer Shopping Centre my name will be revealed and I will go home with the person who has guessed it!  And don’t forget that if Rotarians all over the world collect $200 million The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation WILL MATCH THAT SUM DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR!!
 I am counting the days till I meet you and I am counting on you all to help me find my name, my new home AND TO HELP RAISE THAT $200 MILLION!



Since arriving in Chelmsford I have been treated right royally by all the Rotarians that I have met and I can't thank them enough for the help they are giving me in my search for my name and somewhere to live.


A bear always likes to look smart when visiting new places and meeting new people so I love the purple and pink ribbons I have been given to wear.


I understand that I have arrived in Chelmsford at the beginning of the "Festive Season".  I am not sure what this means but last weekend I tasted mulled wine and mince pies in the Town Centre while waiting in the gathering gloom for the Christmas lights to be switched on.  Did you see me?  The lights are very pretty and look as if they are twinkling in the sky.  It is all very exciting and I am not feeling at all sleepy even though it is getting to what we bears call "Hibernation Time".


At the moment I am staying with Rotarians from the Mildmay Club but I hope to visit other Clubs soon - after all, the more people I meet, the greater my chance of finding my name and a new home!


No Name Bear is sad and lonely as not only does it not have a name but it also doesn't know where it will live now that it is old enough to leave the family den and live somewhere else on its own.  It has arrived in Chelmsford because it has heard a rumour that its name and its new home will be revealed in February 2010 in a place called Town Centre, Chelmsford and it will also then know where it is going to live. Meanwhile he has been befriended by some very kind people called 'Chelmsford Rotarians' who are looking after it and in return it is going to help them raise awareness of the need to finally eradicate the scourge of Polio worldwide. No Name Bear wants you to keep a look out for him in and around District 1240 and, if you do meet him, do come and say hello - but don't be surprised if he asks you for a donation and the chance to help him find his name!