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Purple Pinkie ‘Thanks For Life’

This poem is official confirmation
I support Polio eradication
If recited then I am dutifully bound
From those who listen to collect one pound
Be you brother, neighbour, friend or wife
For your donation I say ‘Thanks For Life’
Purple Pinkie is on hand
To eradicate Polio from every land
For just a pound coin he arrives
And each coin saves two little lives
Yes, to help the world to understand
Purple Pinkie is on hand
So where does Purple Pinkie linger?
On the top part of your little finger
So what does Purple Pinkie do?
He’s come to see the mission through
Purple Pinkie must not fail
That’s why everyone must paint a nail
Rotary’s Polio Plus came alive
Back in 1985
Before Purple Pinkie appeared on hands
It was in 125 different lands
125...maybe more
Now that number has reduced to 4 

Nigeria and Pakistan
India and Afghanistan
Two billion vaccines and 25 years on
Polio’s 99% gone
Every single one pound spent
Will help destroy that one per cent
How can that one per cent disappear?
District 1240 had an idea
If out for a meal or having a drink
Paint one nail with purple ink
Make Purple Pinkie jump and dance
And watch the people around you glance
When they ask you what it’s all about
From your pocket take this poem out
When they ’ve read this far all will understand
Why Purple Pinkie is on hand
February 23rd is Rotary Day
To help the virus go away  

No more suffering of the small
Polio won’t be here at all
With just pound coins we can enforce
The virus will have run its course
The last 4 countries will be Polio free
As each child is saved with 50p
So now one pound has been paid
There’s one more favour I’m afraid
So this campaign does not fail
I need to paint another’s nail
I need a hand quite literally
To make the planet Polio-free
So for those who are listening may I say
Another Purple Pinkie’s on the way
I suggest you do not hang around
It may cost you another pound
If you stay, an even greater pain
Is you’ll have to hear this verse again 
Richard Digance